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So this is a picture of my sister Ashley and I. It was up until this summer I had no idea i even had a sister. Crazy eh? So here is our story:
23 months before i was born Ashley was. My father and her Mother had her but her Mother had my dad sign off all rights to her so that her husband could adopt her. It was when Ashley got to the age of 13 when her parents split up and her father told her he was not actually her dad. She then began her search for our dad. Ashley is now 21 and only found out this summer that our father had died from a short battle with cancer. So after 7 years of investigating and searching high and low it was too late when she found him. She found an obituary online, that is how she found out what she wanted most, to meet her real dad, was no longer a possibility, it was too late. But with this sad upsetting news she also found out she had a sister, me! right away she booked a flight from calgary and hopped on a plane and came to stay with me for only 3 short days. In that weekend we bonded and it was almost like we have always known each other. We acted alike, many thought we looked alike and we had so many similarities. With that the 3 days were over and i had a sister.
2 years ago my mother had a son. Little baby dan! He is the cutest evilest little child ever and he is my 23 month old brother. There is a 17 year age difference. so when i am 40 he will be 23.. thats sad. The point of that all is 2 years ago i was an only child. Now i have an older sister and a younger brother. My life has changed drastically!